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Alkalinize Your Body to Cure Your Cold Sores Through Water
How wonderful it would be if we had a permanent cure for cold sores. A Cold sore or fever blister is technically known as the Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 (HSV-1). If you are in some fantasy world thinking that by the use of medications you can cure the cold sores virus permanently then you are fooling yourself. There is no medication available today which says that it can cure this virus permanently. The only option available for you is to cure it from both inside and outside of your body.

Stress is the main cause of diseases worldwide. Herpes simplex virus gets triggered when your body is under chronic stressed causing your immune system to weaken and fail to combat the virus. Doctors have recommended different types of foods such as Lysine. Lysine is an amino acid which combats the virus and decrease the number of outbreaks. Lysine can be found in various types of foods such as potatoes, fish, chicken, beans, etc. Generally the required amount of intake might not be greater than what you can get from these foods and so many doctors also prescribe supplements.

Alkalinity of the body is the decisive factor in maintaining human wellness. The human body needs to be alkaline to fight many types of diseases and viruses. Many people fail to understand that by changing their diet habits and unhealthy lifestyle they can put this herpes simplex virus into remission. Water offers a cheap and effective solution to maintain normal alkaline level. There are certain products such as water Oz alkalizer which increases the alkalinity of water, which you can take to help increase your pH levels thus bringing your body to a stable and healthy alkaline state. Water flushes out waste products in our body and carries essential minerals, nutrients, etc throughout the body. Drinking plenty of water makes your system stable and healthier. There are many products on the shelf which are effective in increasing pH levels such as Water OZ Body alkalizer. This product can also be used in acidic foods such as lemon, orange juice, etc to reduce acidity.

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