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Curing Cold Sores by Increasing the Amount of Oxygen Your Body Processes
Cold sores are a contagious disease residing in the host body. Normally it starts as a small lump and then it bulges out and forms a blister which is painful, oozing and contagious. This blister is not a pretty sight as it is usually on the face and it swells and forms a red spot which grows into a bigger lump before passing into remission. This virus may lie dormant for years or it may attack you every month.

Some of the early symptoms that the virus is getting ready to flair up are a tingling feeling and then a small lump which eventually develops into a bigger lump. This bigger lump may not swell but in some cases a small lump swell up and presents a nasty oozing sore. Many people find it emotionally disturbing to find this lump right at the corner of the lip.

As we know, humans need oxygen for basic bodily functions. Oxygen contains certain properties which help in metabolism. Without these basic functions the human body cannot continue to live. Lack of oxygen in the blood cells causes diseases to be able to run rampant. Disease causing bacteria and virus tend to survive in conditions where there is low amount of oxygen. Herpes simplex virus type 1 cannot be destroyed by increasing the amount of oxygen levels in the body but it can be made dormant.

Oxygen supplements are generally recommended by doctors all over the world. Alternate medicine consultants also recommend medications and oxygen supplement drops. These oxygen supplement drops are easily absorbed by the body due to their fluid state. These drops are available in pharmacies and from chemists and over the internet as over the counter drugs. Increased levels of nascent oxygen is very helpful for other body process such as digestion, increased levels of energy, blood flow, immune system, etc. Oxygen is a free radical scavenger and it is known to cure many disease caused by anaerobic bacteria in the body without damaging the tissue and aerobic bacteria.

Oxygen supplement drops do not have any smell and they do not tend to cause a nauseous feeling. These drops react with the stomach acid to produce nascent oxygen which is readily absorbed by the body, thus helping to make the herpes simplex virus dormant for long time.

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