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Our Body - Oxygen Curing Cold Sores
The human body is a precise mechanism which needs to function very strongly and accurately because disruption creates imbalances throughout the entire system. Herpes Simplex is a virus that will take advantage of a body which is suffering from imbalance.

There are numerous methods of treatment for this disease, there are over the counter medicines and ointments which can be used to cure this virus temporarily. There is, however, no permanent cure for this virus. So, the basic fact we need to understand is that our immune system needs to be strong and healthy from the inside and also from the outside.

Many people affected with this virus have seen it affecting only their lips but they do not know that this virus can cause Alzheimer's, facial palsy, etc. There have been cases of this virus attacking new born babies and the retina. This virus can be dormant for several years but when it gets triggered it can do nasty things to your lips and other parts of your body. This virus also has the potential to destroy the basic building blocks of your life - proteins.

Oxygen and water are two very important essential compounds without which human body ceases to perform normally. Oxygen is present in all the cells of the human body and if the oxygen content level in these cells decreases they tend to become weak. These weak cells are easily susceptible to herpes simplex virus and other diseases such as cancer. Vitamins, nutrients and proteins which we take cannot save an oxygen deficient human body. Cells become too weak when oxygen deficient and cannot perform their basic duties.

Herpes simplex virus is anaerobic which means that it survives in conditions where there is low amount of oxygen. Low amounts of oxygen inside the human body increases acid levels and this acidic nature of the human body is the ideal condition for herpes simplex virus because it cannot survive in alkaline conditions. Herpes simplex virus cannot be destroyed permanently but it can be put into remission. Human bodies tend to suffer from oxygen deficiency and this is normal in this day and age of air pollution.

There are certain over the counter oxygen supplements which can increase the oxygen level of your body. The amount of oxygen in the air is not sufficient to supply the required amount we need because the amount of oxygen in the air is decreasing gradually over time. Previously it was around 40% and now it hovers around 15 - 20%.

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