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Stabilizing Oxygen to Cure Cold Sores
Cold sores can occur in both adults and children. This virus cannot survive in a healthy body which has normal levels of oxygen and a strong immune system. Often people affected by cold sores are advised to keep their hygiene and surroundings clean and tidy. Being a highly contagious disease, it is easily transmitted from one person to other either through saliva, body contact, depleted skin contact, clothes used near the affected area, utensils, etc. People experiencing cold sore need to take their day off from their work because they risk spreading the disease to their manager, peers or to their customers.

The cold sore virus is present in almost 90% of the population according to an alternative medicine expert. In this 90% population only few of them complain of problems from cold sores because severity of this HSV - 1 virus in these people is a bit higher.

Often stress, anxiety, weak immune system, acidity, low levels of oxygen, food habits, alcohol, etc are all responsible for triggering the cold sore outbreak. Many people have been successful in suppressing outbreaks after employing alternate therapies with the regular medication.

Lower levels of oxygen in their system tend to trigger diseases. This lower level of oxygen gives rise to acid levels in the human body. This acidic nature of the human body is the appropriate climate for the herpes simplex virus.

The herpes simplex virus is anaerobic and thrives in acidic climates with low oxygen levels. Improving oxygen content in the human body stabilizes the whole system and maintains pH level which is very essential for the body to operate smoothly. In previous times oxygen levels in the atmosphere were around 40% which has gradually gotten reduced to 20%. There are certain oxygen supplements such as water Oz which helps in increasing the nascent oxygen levels inside the human body. Oxygen supplements such as water Oz releases molecular oxygen upon coming into contact with the stomach acids.

Oxygen stabilizers work so well because of the "enzyme enhancing" qualities of the chlorite ion. Chlorite ion contains molecules of chlorine and oxygen with a strong negative charge. Chlorine dioxide is also a potent oxidizer and a killer of microbes. Chlorite is very helpful in cell oxidation.

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