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Treating Cold Sores Using Toothpaste
Almost 70% of the world's population suffers from the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (HSV-1). This virus has the capacity to transfer itself from one host to another within a very short amount of time. People get infected with this virus because they come into contact with a person who has herpes simplex. In many cases it has been reported that people sharing the same glass, plate, etc have also contracted the same virus. People affected with cold sore virus need to take enough precautions so that their infection doesn`t get transmitted to their colleagues or family. This virus generally affects areas near the lips, eye lids, ear, etc.

Never scratch or touch the infected part with your hands, always use cotton which is prompted discarded. Oral contacts should be avoided with children, spouse, etc because this contagious virus can be transmitted from one person to another within a very short time. Wash all your utensils, drinking glass, any object with which you come into contact with an anti - bacterial agent. Early detection can be a decisive weapon against the virus.

Now another option which you have is to use traditional old age methods which are primitive in nature but effective. Many people have experienced significant improvement in recovery after applying tooth paste on the exposed blister. The quantity and the way you need to apply it varies according to age and severity of the herpes simplex virus blister. A cooling and numbing effect is produced by the ingredients in the tooth paste; Itching and pain is reduced from the point of infection because blood starts to flow from the affected part again.

Active and in active ingredients such as bacterial and anti bacterial agents, enzymes, baking soda, etc are present in the tooth paste which can assist in killing the germs, viruses and bacteria. Early detection can be a decisive weapon against the virus. There are three different steps: sanitize, disinfect and finally the application of toothpaste. Make sure that you apply toothpaste evenly with cotton. Blisters will form crusts and heal. Apply in the morning and before going to bed.

Often warning signals such as itchiness, warmth, or a slight bulge formation are different types of warnings which you need to consider seriously. Make sure that you apply sun screen lotion before going out into sunny day. It is important to note that prevention is better than cure, educating those near and dear to you about the virus should be your primary objective.

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