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Understanding pH Levels and Why We Have Cold Sores
The cold sore is a contagious disease. In Australia almost 70% of the population suffers from the cold sore virus. This virus is called as HSV - 1 and it is commonly known as a fever blister or cold sore. Generally this disease spreads to others either through physical contact or through mediums such as utensils, saliva, oral contact, etc. Failing to take adequate care may result in the formation of swelling blisters which swell and grow red in color. Ironically there is no permanent cure for this disease but there is a temporary cure. This disease is much more prevalent in developed countries and percentage of people affected by this disease in Asia is proportionally lower.

It is also important to note that the herpes simplex virus requires an acidic state to survive. Our body will be normal if our pH levels are at seven but it is reported that this virus can survive in pH levels of up to 7.3. Changing diet and opting for a healthy life style should be your prime goal. If tour pH level decreases below 7.0 then your system goes into an acidic state where dormant viruses get activated. Adequate care should be taken to maintain pH levels of 7.0 and above which is generally called as alkaline state.

pH stands for potential hydrogen and it describes the hydrogen ion concentration of any aqueous (water) solution. Oxygen content is higher in fluids where the pH reading is higher. A ph level of 7.0 is considered to be neutral and anything below that level is said to be acidic. Human blood maintains a very precise range of 7.365 and anything below 6.8 or above 7.8 will make cells inactive thus killing the patient. Optimal levels of saliva and urine are 7.45 and 7.1 which describe the condition of the patient. The body needs to be alkaline for healing.

Research has shown that viruses (cold sore), yeast, fungus, cancer cells, etc thrive in low oxygen and low pH environment. This low oxygen and low pH environment is ideal for diseases. Viruses and diseases (cancer) cannot survive if the pH level of the body is in a stable alkaline state, so maintaining this environment should be your first course of action to prevent further cold sore outbreaks and promote overall health.

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