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Using WaterOz OxyDrops to Cure Cold Sores
There are huge numbers of people afflicted by cold sores throughout the world. It is estimated that almost 90% of the world suffers from cold sore. People in North America, Europe, Australia, African countries are much more affected than people in other continents. This virus is not so threatening but when it finds your system comfortable and has its environment suitable for it to thrive then it is dangerous.

There are various conditions associated with this virus such as Herpes labialise this condition occurs when someone carrying this virus comes into contact with others either through mucosa or abraded skin. When herpes labialise attacks it generally selects sensitive parts of the human body such as lips, nostrils, eye lids, etc.

Humans fail to understand that it is their unhealthy lifestyle which is the root cause for diseases. Habits such as eating junk food, excessive smoking, drinking (Alcohol), etc are the primary causes for diseases. The herpes simplex virus attacks the human body because their immune system failed to protect them. It is logical to assume that creating unfavourable circumstances for the herpes simplex virus will make the virus go into remission.

The herpes simplex virus is anaerobic in nature which means that it doesn`t need any air to survive and it thrives in acidic climates. To combat this virus effectively we need to increase the level of oxygen in our body which will improve the functioning of the human body. This improved functioning of the human body will maintain a balanced pH level.

There are oxygen supplements available which can increase the nascent oxygen levels in your human body. Water Oz is of the highest quality, strongest and most stable of all the electrolytes present in the market. Water Oz releases oxygen into the blood stream when in contact with stomach acid. It is possible for this molecular oxygen to kill harmful anaerobic bacteria upon contact. Water Oz helps you to increase the cellular oxidation which literally means improved functioning of the cells in your body.

Degeneration, fatigue and sickness are attributed to lower levels of cell oxidation. If we dilute water Oz stabilized oxygen in water you will notice that the alkalinity of the water is reduced from pH 12 - 13 to pH 8.6. Water Oz generates molecular oxygen, chlorite ions and chlorine dioxide when in contact with stomach acid.

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